Marketing your projects with style and impact

I’ve been working in Film and Television since 1991. This newest offering uses my graphic design skills and my know how to pitch your project, create stunning, impactful and individually stylized packages for YOUR project. Be it short film, feature film, web series or tv show I can build your story visually to be pitch ready.

​WHAT IS AN EPK: An EPK or Electronic Press Kit is a package of digital materials that are used to promote your film or project. An EPK is essential in building interest for your project. It gives the audience a taste of your story and a taste of you as a filmmaker. Think of it this way: At its heart, an EPK is the place where you get all the elements together that are going to best promote you and your project.

WHAT IS A PITCH DECK: A deck is is a visual communication tool that allows us a way of shaping your project visually into a compelling story that Executives can see, be inspired by, and act upon. Executives, agents, and buyers will request a Pitch Deck prior to reading the script or even discussing interest in a project.

WHAT IS A ONE SHEET: A one sheet is actually two sided. One side incorporates your poster along with your pertinent contact information. The other has the pertinent details of your project that can be digested very quickly, in a visually stimulating way geared towards your project’s tone and feel. For films and TV this can differ, but it includes a synopsis, often times an approximate budget, a breakdown of future episodes (TV/WEB) and other elements buyers need.


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